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2022 01 07

Finland’s experience in receiving refugees in its country and advice to Lithuania (EN)

Six years ago, tens of thousands of refugees from war-torn Syria arrived in Finland. The Finns, who have reached out to help, have set up many reception centers throughout the country to take care of the reception, accommodation and integration of these people. Otto Leppä, head of the Finnish Red Cross’s Mikkeli Reception Center, has also witnessed these events, with his views on what is needed to create a safe environment for foreigners and help them integrate into society more easily.

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2021 12 07

Volunteer Birutė Karakaitė: The state found itself in a difficult situation. We need civic engagement

    Volunteering is usually understood as work without any pay, but people who devote their time to educational activities with refugees, as well as provide them with material support, usually express how much they themselves have gained by benevolently helping others. Knowledge of the culture of different nations, foreign language skills, long-term friendships, and better self-knowledge – these are the daily earnings received by volunteers.

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