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2021 11 29

A student from Azerbaijan discovered more freedom in Lithuania – English

Narmin Alieva says that in her home country Azerbaijan, her personal life was interesting not only by her family members, but also by her entire family, neighbours and other people around her. Some may like it, others not that much. Narmin says that when she came to Lithuania she realised that she enjoys privacy, feels freer and realises herself the way she wanted. And there are plenty of creative ideas for a young Azerbaijani.

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2021 11 17

Aistė Ulubey: “Full integration is not possible without involvement in culture”

In Lithuania, access to housing, good work and quality health care for refugees are not always easy to get. But is food and a bed enough for an educated 21st century person with higher education to feel like a full part of the community? In modern society, integration means a lot more. It is the freedom to join the majority and participate in scientific, artistic and cultural activities together, to develop and realize himself as an equal part of the community.

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2021 11 04

Language skills are the first step to successful integration

Lithuanian language lessons are regularly held at the Center for Communion and Social Innovation in Vilnius, which brings together people who have come from various foreign countries and are now living in Lithuania. In the most recent group, Russian speaking natives have been attending Lithuanian language lessons: Belarusians, Ukrainians, Russians and others. With the help of the centre’s volunteers, they try to understand the complex rules of the Lithuanian language and memorise the most frequently used words and phrases. According to the participants of the language courses themselves, in Lithuania they can communicate in Russian language without any problems, but feeling respect for the culture and society of the host country, they want to learn to communicate in Lithuanian.

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